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We use Bonanza to host
our items for sale, as an alternative to eBay's high fees.  This helps keep our costs and commission down so consignors can get the most for their items.  Plus, Bonanza is a return to the fun, exciting atmosphere eBay USED to be. 

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Our eBay name is also OffYourRockers.



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This Month's items

Get OffYourRockers features homeschool items, educational textbooks and other collectibles and antiques.  All are items are in stock and never dropped-shipped.  We are also Trading Assistants and help others sell their items through a variety of sites. 

So you have something to sell, but are unsure how to do it on eBay or the dozens of other e-commerce sites?  Let us help you get OffYourRockers and start selling.

All Get OffYourRockers items you see here are also listed in multiple selling venues for added exposure.  What this does is provide Internet diversification.  The more items are shown in different locations, the more likely they will be seen and purchased. 

We start by listing your item on eBay.  It is also placed on the Get OffYourRockers website and in our Bonanza store.  Items are also posted on OnlineAuction and listed in various forums.  We also "Tweet" any item that might make a good Twitter announcement.

Get OffYourRockers
manages your eBay auction from start to finish. We offer free* pick up for the items you want to sell. We take photos, research and write item descriptions, then manage and sell your items on an eBay auction. Once the items sell we ship them to the highest bidder and send you the check.

Get OffYourRockers is NOT a consignment drop-off store.  We are authorized Trading Assistants trained to sell other people's items for a percentage of the sale.   Our location is a home office in Bloomfield, IN, complete with a separate room for packing, shipping and storing items.  Because we don't have an actual store front, we have virtually no overhead fees associated with a typical brick-and-mortor drop-off store.  Low overhead means we save money so you can make more with your sales.  Our commission fees are priced very reasonable. 

* Why use a drop off location?  We will pick up your items for free.  To qualify for FREE Pickup, items must:

  • Have an estimated eBay value of at least $100;
  • Must live in Greene County, Indiana;
  • Be permitted and legal to sell on eBay.  In other words, if your item is listed here, you can't sell it.
  • Get OffYourRockers has final discretion;
  • For more information about selling with GetOffYourRockers you can
    e-mail us. !


















Write Source Books
$5 each!!

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 3-4

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 4

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 5

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 6

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 7

Write Source, A book for writing, thinking and learning
Grade 8

Get OffYourRockers  has ten years of experience selling on eBay and is a Top-Rated Seller and a Bronze Power Seller with a 100 percent approval rating. 

Our stellar customer service can help our consignors earn more in sales prices, than if they managed their eBay auction on their own. 

EBay Dashboard as of Dec., 2012:

Feedback -- Feedback is 1,000 to 4,9992726
Performance -- Standard
Policy compliance -- High
Account Status -- Current














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